Grant holders

Nurturing young talent on the  National Youth Theatre’s Playing Up course.  Photo credit: Helen Murray

Nurturing young talent on the National Youth Theatre’s Playing Up course. Photo credit: Helen Murray

Pledged Grants

A pledged grant is a conditional award of a grant which will only be paid subject to a set of conditions being met. These will be set out in your offer letter. When you are ready to draw down your grant, you will need to write to us again providing the information requested in this letter.

If you anticipate any substantial changes to the scope or size of the project for which you hold a pledged grant, you must inform us of the changes in writing. The revised plans will be reviewed by the Trustees; we will then confirm whether or not we are still able to provide funding.

Pledges are generally held open for 12 months in the first instance. If you are unable to draw down your grant within this period please contact us by letter, providing an update on the progress of the project and your fundraising efforts. Trustees may agree to grant extensions in circumstances where there is clear evidence that projects are continuing to move forward. We aim to release all grants within six weeks of receipt of the required information.

Payment of Grants

Grants are paid by cheque or CAF voucher, so please ensure that you include in your application the name of the account into which the grant is to be paid as it appears on your bank statement. For audit purposes we require written confirmation, by post, that the payment has been received. Please ensure that the receipt confirms the grant amount.

Grant Publicity

We do not generally seek publicity for grants awarded, in particular for small grants. However, you may include the name of the awarding Trust or Foundation in donor lists in your charity’s annual report and, where applicable, on a donor board. For any queries around publicity or publications, please contact us on 020 8238 8890.

Grant Reports

There is no set format for reporting back; any specific requirements will be set out in your grant award letter. We do expect to receive a brief update at the end of the grant period reviewing achievements against project objectives. Ideally this will include numerical / statistical data and an account of any challenges encountered and the lessons learnt. A case study may also be useful, but anecdotal evidence should not form the basis of the report.

In the case of one-off grants and capital projects we always appreciate receiving confirmation that the building works have been competed or that a vehicle or piece of equipment has been purchased.

Future instalments of multi-year grants will not be released until the reporting requirements have been met. All reports should be sent by post.


If you have received a grant from the Trusts previously you must wait until you have submitted your final grant report, typically 12 months from the date of the final payment, before making a fresh application.