Maurice & Hilda Laing Charitable Trust

Providing facilities for church and community outreach at The Corner Community Centre, Ramsgate.

Providing facilities for church and community outreach at The Corner Community Centre, Ramsgate.


The Maurice & Hilda Laing Charitable Trust was established in 1996. Its objectives are:

  • the advancement of the Christian faith in any part of the world
  • the advancement of religious education in accordance with the principles and doctrines of the Christian faith
  • the relief of poverty throughout the world
  • protection and preservation of health and relief of sickness and mental and physical disabilities

Areas of Giving

The Trustees' priority areas of giving are:

  1. To advance Christian faith and values, with an emphasis on:
  • making the Christian message relevant to all through innovative ‘fresh expressions’ of church
  • projects which develop and affirm Christian faith
  • resourcing theological training for ordained and lay ministry and pastoral support for those in ministry
  • providing support for oppressed Christian communities overseas
  1. To support organisations offering practical support to those in the U.K. who are disadvantaged, vulnerable and / or socially isolated with a particular emphasis on Christian organisations seeking to express their faith through practical action to help:
  • prisoners and ex-offenders
  • the homeless
  • children and young people at risk
  • refugees
  • the elderly
  1. Relief of poverty overseas, predominantly through Christian organisations working in the low income countries of Sub-Saharan Africa. We place emphasis on projects which seek to help:
  • street children
  • improve educational opportunities
  • build sustainable livelihoods
  • improve the lives of people with disabilities

In all areas the Trustees are looking to support inspirational leaders backed by charities with strong management and projects which are sustainable and replicable.

Level of Funding

The level of funding available varies. Grants typically range between £5,000 and £25,000, although the Trustees have the capacity to make a small number of larger grants each year.

Annual Report and Accounts

The Trust's latest annual report and accounts provide examples of recent grants. (Please note that the link will open a new window on the Charity Commission of England & Wales website)


Stephen John Haines Ludlow (Chairman)
Andrea Jane Currie
Paul Michael van den Bosch
Simon David Martle
Sir Ewan William Harper
Charles William David Laing

Charity Number


If you are thinking of applying for funding, please first read the How to Apply guidelines and Exclusions which are common to all the Laing Family Trusts.