Frequently Asked Questions

Applying for Funding

When should I apply?

The Trusts have a rolling application process, without application deadlines. Applications may therefore be submitted at any time throughout the year.

Who can apply?

The Trusts Laing Family Trusts only make grants to charities registered in the UK or to churches with exempt status. The Trusts do not make grants to individuals. For organisational eligibility, please visit our exclusions page.

Do you provide core funding?

The Trusts do not make grants towards the ongoing cost of sustaining core activities. However the Trustees do recognise that securing funding for such costs can be a particular challenge. Applicants may, therefore, include a reasonable level of management costs to cover overheads when submitting a project budget; this may include some employment costs.

Do the Laing Family Trusts fund retrospectively?

While we prefer to receive an application in advance of the start of a project and do not encourage applicants to commence projects until they have all the funding in place to ensure successful completion of the project, there are some circumstances in which we may consider retrospective funding.

How much should I ask for? Do you fund projects in full?

We advise applicants to set out the total project cost and allow the Trustees to find their own level within this; they will rarely fund a project in full. Grants awarded may be for specific items within the budget or a general contribution towards the overall cost.

May we discuss our application with you before we apply?

You may contact the grant staff via telephone to discuss elements of a proposal before it is submitted. We are unfortunately unable to meet with applicants before an application is submitted.

Post Application

Will my application be acknowledged?

Due to the high volume of applications we are unable to acknowledge receipt of each individual application.

How often do the Trustees meet?

The Trustees of each of the four Trusts meet on a regular basis, usually quarterly. There are no formal deadlines for submitting applications and applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Will you only inform me of the outcome of my application, whatever the outcome?

We inform all applicants of the outcome of their application via letter, typically within four months of the receipt of their application or our last correspondence with you.

May we make multiple applications to different trusts? If I am rejected by one Trust, can I reapply for the same project to a different Trust?

The Laing Family Trusts are run on a co-ordinated basis and an application to one is treated as an application to all. Unless you feel that your application is particularly suited to one particular Trust, you should address it to the Laing Family Trusts as a group; the staff will then assign it to the most appropriate Trust. A rejection is sent on behalf of all the Laing Family Trusts.

Do you visit applicants?

Due to the high volume of applications and the geographical spread, we are unable to visit all applicants. You will receive a phone call if a visit is required, or if any additional information or clarification is required to enable us to assess your application.

Post Award

How do we publicly acknowledge the grant from The Trust?

The Laing Family Trusts do not actively seek publicity for the grants which they make. However, the Trusts are happy to be acknowledged on a donors board or in a donors list within a charity's Annual Report and Accounts.

We already have a grant from you. When may we reapply?

We ask grant-holders to wait twelve months from the date of your last payment before making a fresh application to the Trusts. Please also ensure you have sent your final progress and impact report before re-applying.